Why Locarius?

Ticket pricing, resale activities, and fees for events vary. Most consumers, and some performers, agree that there are serious problems with the way tickets are transacted. It's often not easy to buy tickets, and those tickets available are not those offered by the primary seller. Secondary market tickets can be many times more expensive than face-value and carry the potential risk of fraud which ruins experiences and tarnishes brands.
Professional resellers, or ticket brokers, have a competitive advantage over consumers in buying tickets as soon as they are released. Brokers use numerous staff and software ("bots") to rapidly buy tickets in bulk. As a result, many consumers can only buy tickets on an unregulated secondary market at a substantial markup.
One attempt to handle these problems is in the form of nontransferable tickets which allow more consumers to access tickets at face-value and cut out the secondary market players. However, they also limit consumers' ability to sell tickets they cannot use, and can create inconvenience by requiring identification at the venue such as the credit card used in the purchase or government issued ID.
Some jurisdictions attempt to cap the price at which tickets can be resold. According to government studies however, the caps generally are not effective because of the difficulty enforcing them.
Now... Imagine a new type of ticket where the venue defines the terms of the ticket contract, setting prices and conditions of sale that the ticket issuing platform enforces on their behalf. Tickets become self regulated meaning there is a way to control the price offered to the consumer, even in a secondary market situation. Tickets can be transferable, nontransferable, or transferable but with specific limitations in play such as price caps. Secondary market sales in excess of face-value can be divided between stakeholders including the venue, the performer, and the original ticket purchaser rather than only benefiting the original ticket purchaser which is the case in traditional secondary markets. The platform always knows the account that has rightful ownership of a ticket and there can only ever be one copy of that ticket.
Locarius is that platform.
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