Dave Carroll, Jim Henman, Lisa Richard at Great Village Arts

Sun, August 18, 2024, 3:00 PM (AST)

Great Village Arts
8729 Nova Scotia Trunk 2
Great Village, NS
By Great Village Arts
Dave Carroll, Jim Henman, Lisa Richard at Great Village Arts
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“My god they’re throwing guitars out there.”
“United Breaks Guitars” became an instant viral hit and today over 150 million people have been introduced to this story; a telling tale of United Airlines and Air Canada's disregard for handling baggage respectfully - in particular a $3500 Martin guitar. After the ordeal, Dave wrote and published the song "United Breaks Guitars." The song hit number 1 on the iTunes Music Store after only 1 week. Within 1 month of the video being posted, United Airlines’ stock price fell 10%. An estimated $180 million in value. Dave Carroll is an award winning singer-songwriter, professional speaker, author and social media innovator based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He began his music career with his brother Don in the band Sons of Maxwell and has been enjoying success as a solo artist since 2008.

Jim Henman celebrates his "Songs and Stories - 55 Years of Songwriting" show at Great Village Arts, accompanied by a visual journey through those 55 years.
Jim, with high school friends Myles Goodwyn, Greg Stephen, Dave Dodsworth & Doug Grace started the top 40 band, “Woodies Termites”. 
Jim and Myles went on to co-found the Canadian rock band, April Wine, in the fall of 1969 with Jim’s cousins, David and Ritchie Henman.  

Jim officially re-emerged onto the East Coast music scene in the 90s, co-writing and co-producing the album,” More Than My Share” for Cape Breton singer, Jeannie Beks.

He also co-wrote the music for “Death the Musical”, a stage production performed both at Halifax’s Neptune Theatre and in French, at Théâtre Génération in Montréal.
2009 Jim, as a co-founder of April Wine, was installed along with April Wine into the Canadian Music Industry Hall Of Fame and in April 2010, Jim had the great honour of receiving a Juno award, commemorating April Wine’s induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Recording solo works such as "Same Old Feeling" and "House Plants" has kept Jim busy touring throughout the Maritimes as a solo performer.
In spring of 2017 Jim was asked to join his old band mate, Myles Goodwyn, sole remaining original member and now the driving force behind April Wine’s success, in touring an acoustic show ” Just Between You And Me”.

Jim and Myles have co-written and shared lead vocals on one of Myles releases “Some Of These Children (They Never Grew Up)”. The song is their response to the finding of unmarked graves at some of the Residential Schools for Indigenous children sites. They also co-wrote a Christmas tune “Ring The Bells” which Myles released in 2021. Jim was installed into the Canadian Walk Of Fame in Sept 2023 along with all present and past members who had “performed and recorded” with April Wine.

Jim has also co-wrote with Laura Smith, Terry Kelly, Dee Dee Austin, Tom Bedell, Lisa Richard, Joel Plaskett and more.

Immersed in the haunting emotion of Gordon Lightfoot's iconic ballad ‘If You Could Read My Mind,’ award winning Canadian Folk-Country troubadour Lisa Richard brings you on an introspective musical journey through miscommunication and heartbreak. The studio recording was inspired by a standing ovation from peers and fans at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival. Scott Ferguson of FMP Matrix (producing, mixing, mastering, drums), Warren Robert (orchestral arrangements, lead guitar) and Dana Westall (bass) joined Richard on the recording to create a magically cohesive sound.
New Mills, New Brunswick born and Halifax, Nova Scotia based, Lisa Richard is at home in front of an audience with her guitar. She captivates listeners with her powerful vocal range, passion for music and life. She’s been called ‘a soulful Anne Murray.’ Lisa's vocal stylings have also been compared to the likes of Cher, Wynonna Judd and Tracy Chapman. Richard’s genre extends across folk, country, pop and rock and she's performed for audiences across North America and Europe.

Lisa Richard has won the CBC Searchlight Top 10 Regional Contest (Nova Scotia) and was a nominee for multiple Josie Music Awards and International Singer Songwriters Association Awards. She’s recently showcased at NewSkool Rules in the Netherlands as well as the 2023 East Coast Music Awards, 2023 CCMA Music Awards and 2023 Stan Rogers Folk Festival. Lisa looks forward to showcasing at the 2024 East Coast Music Awards.

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